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3 Golf Swing Tips about Weight

3 Golf Swing Tips about Weight

Golf swing weight, different from the actual weight of a club, is equally important for both novice golfer and experienced players. Golf swing weights are usually measured according to a specialized swing weight scale. To help you improve swing techniques and take advantage of swing weight, we list three most important tips for you.

1. Actual weight is not the most important.

First, you should be aware that the “actual weight” and the “swing weight” are two different things. As mentioned, a golf club’s actual weight is related with a standard-scale measurement of weight. When you are planning to get a new club, you may get suggestions from a professional that you should buy one based on your height, size, age, or other considerations. While, swing weight measures the weight distribution. Clubs with same actual weight might have totally different swing weights, based on where the “concentration” of weight is positioned. The best swing weight for a golfer is when he feels the club is most comfortable and please keep in mind, there is very little relationship between the swing weight and the actual weight.

2. Adjust swing weights with lead tape.

Lead tape offers good help in adjusting the swing weight of your clubs until you are satisfied with the weight distribution. Of course, you can consider to order customized golf clubs, but you should know this is an expensive proposition and you should determine which swing weight works for you before you do this. Instead of purchasing expensive customized clubs, you can simply buy lead tape and do the same work in an inexpensive and flexible fashion. You can buy lead tape either in the form of pieces that are cut into equally sized or a roll that can be cut into any length. For just about $20, you will be able to buy enough lead tape for all your clubs. The lead tape can be attached to anywhere you want to adjust, such as shaft, blade, grip, etc. Figure out the best swing weight for you by adjusting and experimenting.

3. All your clubs need to have the same swing weight.

Once you figure out your preferred swing weight, you need to make sure that all of your golf clubs except the putter should have the same swing weight, no matter you are an advanced golfer or a casual, weekend player. Compared with different actual-weight clubs, clubs with mixed swing weights could actually do more harm to your game. You might not even notice the actual weight difference between two clubs, but you will absolutely feel the difference in swing weights, which has negative influence on your swing。
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