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3 Funny Money Saving Tips

3 Funny Money Saving Tips

We have to admit this fact: saving money is boring chore. Unexpected bills never stop to come up, while it is tempting to spend a lot of money on those gadgets, entertainment and fashions. So how can a sensible person make a perfect balance of saving money with high life quality and having enough fun? The key is to develop approaches that make saving money a funny thing to do. Unless you can enjoy the process of saving penny after penny, you won’t be able to make saving as your regular activity. Finally, your checking account will thank you for what you’ve done for it.

1. Set up “Bad Habit Bank” and save when you break the rules.

This is the first funny way to force yourself to save money. Firstly, you have to think about what bad habits do you have and create a “Bad Habit Bank”. Assign a cost to each of your bad habit and when you commit the bad habit, charge yourself and save certain amount into the Bad Habit Bank. For example, if you’d like to purify your language, then you may assign a cost of $5. So when you say a bad word, you have to save $5 into the Bad Habit Bank. On the contrary, if you want to form a good habit, you can save some if you can’t keep it and skip it for once.

2. Be a saving sleuthhound.

Be a sensitive person of saving, just like a sleuthhound. Be mindful for savings that are fun for family and couple. If you a wine lover, you can challenge your family members or friends to find out high rated wine under $10. After you complicate the job and then hold a tasting party of “Best Wine under $10” at home. You will be happy and surprised when others couldn’t distinguish the $50 and $10 bottles. You are also recommended to apply this strategy in restaurants and entertainment and look for the blue plate specials. Try to search for five-star fun with just one-star price!

3. Dress yourself up in thrift stores.

It has become a fashion trend to have fun scouting for deals and bargains in local thrift stores. Couples and friends are suggested to take an adventure and pick up some out-of-date styles. Although when you add everything up, you may laugh at each other’s funny appearances, however, you’ll find plenty of designer names at discounted prices.

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