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18 Tips to Buy a Perfect Brand-New Car in 2013 at the Best Price

2013-camaro-coupe-model-overview-performance-cnt-well-1-648x316-11Happy new year! January is a good month to purchase a new car, so here is offering 18 quick tips that are most important for buying a perfect brand-new car at the best price. This guide includes some general rules during your choosing and bargaining for a car, and I hope they are of help if you are considering buying a brand-new car in 2013.

1. Do you really need a new car?

This is the first thing you need to ask yourself and really take some time to consider about it. I mean, everyone likes a brand-new car,especially for the next new for the new year, however if your current car is in very good condition or your members have different financial plans, rethink before you decide. If you finally decide to buy a used car, we have prepared another guide for you.

2. Determining your budget and check the banks and credit unions.

Generally speaking, the budget for purchasing a car should be no more than 20% of the monthly household income. Also, if you’re not going to pay in full with cash, then you will need to check with your bank details and credit level so that you will be well prepared when and auto loan program is one of the choices. And don’t forget, arrange your financing in advance also helps a lot in saving you money.

3. Determining the type of the car.

Before go to the step of choosing a model or a manufactured please think about your requirements for the car. If you have a very large family with several children, it is a smart to buy an SUV. If you travel and transport large foods a lot, it’s better to choose a truck. If it’s just you and your wife and both of you like cool appearance, then buy a sedan.

4. Research at least two or three cars.

This rule is simple because you don’t want to buy a car if you just see it once. If you want to stick with the first car you saw then forget about this.

5. Look for several important prices.

When you decide which car you’d like to buy, you would be much more prepared when bargaining with the salesperson if you have already mastered several important prices. The most important one is called the invoice price, which is the price that dealers paid for this car. Such information can be found on websites like (Kelley Blue Book) and  Another important price is sticker price, which is the price that the dealers want you to buy at. In most cases the salesperson would try to make the price upper than the sticker price and your task is to make it $300-$500 higher than the invoice price.

6. Car history is important.

No matter a car is used or brand-new, it is a must-do to check its history. Does the car have a clean title? Does it have an accident before? How many owners does it have? This car may be your next girlfriend, sometimes you want to know something about is past.

7. Online shopping sometimes is a good choice.

You can find instant price quotes when shopping online at this information also helpful. Website such, and others for this perverse. When you’re researching on the manufacturer’s websites, you can also research on all the information concerning rebates, incentives and discounts, sometimes this information are not provided or not including if you don’t ask for it.

8. Learn about the total cost of ownership of your car.

The website mentioned in tip 5 and 7 are useful for this information, too. Through this research, you’ll get an idea about how much it will pay for the car per year.

9. You can buy cars from no-haggle dealership.

For example, you can purchase a car to our warehouse which had the car buying program and the price of the car has already been negotiated. In this way, you may save a little money.

10. Be more patient!

You should be patient during all the periods of buying a new car. You should be patient and not to buy a car in a hurry. That doesn’t mean you should buy a new car when you current one is completely paid off. Instead, you should be patient at least for several months and get all the homework done before you talk with the dealers. Sometimes you’ll be crazy when do research or talk with the dealers, same, please be patient.

11. Renting a car for two days is a good way to test driving.

You don’t want to buy a car before you actually driving. Sometimes driving for only several minutes or hours is not enough to tell if it is comfortable for you to drive this car, so you need more time. You could always rent it, for example, two days and this should be fairly enough to get the whole picture.

12. Find the good timing!

The timing here include month and week. For months, it’s better to choose the ones that have holidays such as Christmas, and do not hurry to tell me you don’t like to buy a car when everybody is shopping for other goods. Actually Christmas is a good timing and during the holiday, the salespersons are very lonely and they look forward eagerly to seeing you appear in their exhibition room. Also, late September is another good choice because new models are coming out and if you are looking at an older one, there will be more chance of the price drop. For another example, if you live in northern part of the states, January is ideal to buy a new car because everybody is staying at home and worry about the fees they paid for the cars on the heating and gasoline and no one would go out to buy a car. How about weeks? In the first and second weeks, the salespersons are trying to pressure the first several customers in this month so they could get a base performance in case in the following half months they cannot finish their tasks. If you go to see them after the third week, more chance there is you could get a discounted price.

13. Bargain with the salesperson according to the invoice price.

You have already learned the invoice price for the dealers and this is the time you can bargain with that price. Sometimes the salespersons will say this is the lowest price they can go; however, with the invoice price in your hands, you should know that it is reasonable you could at least talk down the price twice.

14. Prepared to walk away at least twice.

We know that the salesperson of better at bargaining, always. So sometimes, you can pretend to leave and tell them the price is your bottom line. See if they are going to compromise or call you back. By doing this, you will be able to take the initiative.

15. If you can, pay in cash.

Sometimes the salespersons will encourage you to participate in their auto loan programs and that’s good for them, not always good for you! If you could pay in cash, please insist on doing that, which will save you a lot of money.

16. You can learn about other paying methods.

Sometimes there will be cashback rebates and low-interest loans, it’s better that you look at the end with them in always to get the best price for.

17. Please separate the trading negotiation with the car bargain.

When you are bargaining about a new car and if the salesperson mentions about a trading, you don’t need to discuss it with him right now. Instead, after everything about the new car is settled, start to discuss about the trading and in this way you could get the best prices for both cars.

18. Sign the paperworks carefully!

This is the last tip and please be patient when you are reading the paperworks. Do not sign it if you find something is different from what you have negotiated with the dealer.
That is all 18 tips for purchasing a brand-new car in 2013. I hope this quick guide is helpful for you if you are planning to buy a brand-new car. Thanks and enjoy it!