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18 Tips for Successful Business Presentation

There is one thing you can never avoid since you are in school and this thing continues to be around you even more when you enter career field. It is presentation. In business, a powerful presentation is a stepping stone to success. So in this guide, we are providing several most important tips and hint both for presentation slides design and presenting.

For presentation slides design:

1.Emphasize on key phrases.

Try to attract your audience by making the most important bullets easy to capture. Do not put too much information in a single presentation.

2.Develop easy-to-follow layouts.

The layout of the presentation is important; you should pay attention to the margin in each direction, the size of fonts, background color, etc. For an instance, the fonts near bottom normally can’t be seen by audience in the back. Also, make sure the most important information comes first and can be found near the top of each slide.

3.Limit the use of punctuation, capital letters and fancy fonts.

Too much punctuation separate the whole presentation; capital letters and fancy fonts make it difficult to read and follow.

4.Make the color contrast strong.

In this way, you could make the fonts easy to read. For example, black background with white fonts is a good combination.

5.Avoid too many slides. This is a key.

You will never want to put too many slides together. If you have a 80 page slides, there will be two outcome: first one is, you absolutely have no idea what you are talking about, because you are just “reading “the slides; second one is, all audience will get nothing to follow and start to feel what you are saying are nonsense. So stick to small amount of slides with little words on each and emphasize one key phrases (see Tips 1).

6.Use multimedia to help presenting.

If you think the presentation is boring and you do have good and suitable video or photo, feel free to grab some of them. But not too much-why? Because these stuffs are always distractions and audience may lose themselves after these video or photo show.

7.Slide transition and animation are good, but not too much.

Same reason with Tip 6. You can slightly vary the transition and animation, but pay attention not to overuse it.

8.Make sure the slides can run on any device.

In addition to check the typos, you should also check the compatibility of your slide document on different devices. You don’t want to see it not running on the computer the day you presenting, right?

For presenting:

9.Know the materials well.

This is the key for presenting—if you don’t “master” the material, I mean at least better than normal people, how can you present to your audience? Although you are not authority in the topic you are going to present, at least you should know well about the small part you’ll share with audience.

10.No memorizing, just presenting!

This is a common mistake people commit during a business presentation—they are trying to memorizing all single words they prepared for each slide. If you do this, audience may feel you a robot and lose interest on your presentation. The right way is just to memorize the key points (this again!) and remember each parts on you slides, especially the graphs, tables and figures. You don’t need to tell exactly what you need to say on each element, but you should know what content you’ll organize the second you look at an element.

11.Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse!

Practice makes perfect. The best way to practice business presentation is to find a colleague and let he/she sit down as an audience, while you stand aside the computer and present in the formal fashion. For a perfect business presentation, you’ll need to practice and rehearse tens of times.

12.Control the pace of presentation.

Don’t speak too quickly for a while, and too slow for a while. Learn to control your pace on each slide.

13.Get to know the place and equipment prior to your show.

Different rooms have different light and space condition and some of the condition may jeopardize your presentation if you don’t spend a “field visit” before the presentation. Besides, you should know the device, including computer and projector in the presentation room in case you are hurry-scurry on the day of presentation.

14.Copy the presentation to hard drive.

Avoid use a CD/DVD as copying media. Copy the slides to hard drive makes it reading fast.

15.Use remote control and laser pad accordingly.

Some people prefer to use remote control and walk around the room. Some people like to use a laser pad to point out bullets. However, you should decide whether use these devices or not because people have various styles and habits. For example, if you are a easy-to-be-nervous guy, then I suggest you not use a laser pad, or you shaking hands will mess up the presentation.

16.Speak to audience, not slides.

A common mistake again. In a business presentation, if you speak to your slides but not the audience, others may consider you are lack of confidence. Under this circumstance, how will you sell your idea to your customers? So please be confident and speak loudly and clearly to your audience!

17.Have backup plan.

You should have backups through USB drives or online document storage service, in case the slides file on the computer is broken.

18.Pay attention to presenting skills.

Voice, speed, eye contact, gesture. Details decide success. Remember you are communicate with your audience, so keep your voice loud and slow to help audience follow you. Make eye contact with audience to show your honesty and confidence. In addition, some gestures may help when you are explaining something.

Hope you guys like these tips. Good luck with your business presentation!