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14 Tips for Getting Along With Colleagues

When you start your career, your colleagues become a group that stay with you for the longest time every day, even longer than your family members. Each of you may come from various and diverse backgrounds, ages and interests. So how to get along with them well is sometimes a skill. In addition, your performance at work is partially judged by your colleagues, so if you are a guy that nobody likes, you’ll be in trouble. In order to help you get on well with your colleagues, we offer you some kind tips.


1.Keep your heads up and make eye contact during talking.

By doing this you’ll show your respect and attention to colleagues. It’s easy but important to build good relationships.


2.Communicate interactively and express your thought.

Listen actively and try to reach the core of talk. Also, you should respond interactively and express your own idea. Communication is two-way thing, and you’ll benefit from each other.


3.Show your interest and sincere to colleagues.

Ask them how about the day or the weekend. This is not difficult, but makes people think you care about them.


4.Assume goodwill and consider things from others’ perspectives.

Sometimes your colleagues may do something stupid and incompetent, which screw up your team task but you should always assume he/she was doing what was right from his/her point of view. No one is evil and try to ruin everything from the very beginning. By doing this, you’ll earn others’ respect and gratitude.


5.Give credits to your colleagues even if you are a big reason of the team success.

When your group is in a success, please be thankful to your colleagues and give them credits. No one can do all the jobs in a project, even if you think you are the major reason for the success. And don’t worry about your credit, if you are humble and grateful, others will give credit for you and know you are the best one to work with.


6.Keep an open mind and be ready to accept mistake anytime.

Don’t think you will be always right. When colleagues points out your mistake, he/she is trying to make you better. So open your mind and accept their advice.


7. Be careful when making promises and stick to it if you make one.

If you are a guy like to make promises, then you should pay attention. Don’t make a commitment if you think it’s impossible to accomplish. However, if you do commit one, stick to it and finish it with whatever cost.


Get along with your colleagues

8. Show your appreciation.

Please say thank you to those who have been helped you out, even though what they have done was what they should do.


9.Speak to others in a cheerful and positive way.

This inspires your coworkers to treat you likewise. In addition, try to encourage your colleagues whenever there is a chance.


 10. Don’t expect to like everyone and be liked by anyone.

Yeah, this is simple but some people can’t live with this truth. You are people from different backgrounds, so you should get through this and just do your best part.


11. Save your words in particular situations.

Sometimes you are angry because you’re chastised by your supervisor, or you’re in a debate with one of your colleagues, however, in this situation, you are not sane enough to say too much. So, save your words and think about it, let it go if that’s not too unacceptable. Your supervisor and colleagues will consider you as a reliable teammate.


12.  Only care about your own vices and virtues, don’t talk about others’.

Care your own business; don’t judge others by your own standards. If you impose on everyone sharing same vices and virtues, you are asking for great trouble.


13.Pay attention to others’ feelings and try not to hurt them in any cases.

Try to make people happy and positive and never say bad words to hurt them even if they are actually wrong.


14. Never mind what others say about you.

Last tip, be yourself and do your best job!


Please spare no effort to get along with your colleagues and enjoy your office time!