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11 Tips for Saving Money in Caring of Your Clothes

As professionals, you have to buy some kind of expensive clothes for daily function and special occasion. If you take care of your clothing intently, sometimes it will save money and time as well. The following tips will tell you how to do them.


1. Wash your clothing as less as possible.

Some of your clothing can be worn for not once, but a few times. If they are not dirty enough to be sent to laundry, just clean it with brush or hang it for the second wear.


2. Be concerned about small problems.

Find the small problem with your clothes earlier will save your time and money in repairing it when it becomes big.


3. Go for better hangers.

Use better-quality hangers instead of thin and loose one will keep your cloth in good shape and avoid damaging your cloths on shoulders.


4. Don’t put too many clothes in your wardrobe.

Too many clothes in one wardrobe will make clothing wrinkle which you have to remove them by ironing that not only cost your time, but also do harm to your clothes.


11 Tips for Saving Money in Caring of Your Clothes

5. Strictly follow washing instruction .

Because of different fabric, the different clothing should be washed at different temperature. Following the washing instructions on the garment label will save your clothes from shrink, discolor or damage.


6. Be careful of your clothing when needed for machine washing.

Before you put your clothing into washing machine first time, you should make sure whether they are machine washable and at the same time decide water temperature and washing time suitable for them.


7. Deal with any dirty spots and marks on clothing promptly.

Before you take your clothing for dry washing, first you should find where dirty spots and marks are, then show them to the dry cleaner. It will help you clean then fully and nicely.


8. Put the same kind of clothing together for washing.

Before your washing, remember to sort out the clothes according to their color and fabric. Separate washing will save your time and money as well.

9. Properly use washing powder.

When you need washing powder for laundry, you cannot overuse it for two reasons, one is you have to use more water to rinse it, and secondly you use extra amount, which is unnecessary. Both of them cost you money and time.


10. Regulate appropriate temperature in ironing and pressing.

The temperature in ironing and pressing is an issue you must consider and regulate properly to the desired one for protection of your clothing.


11. Wear suitable clothes on different occasions.

You should build the good habit of wearing suitable clothes for different functions. Wearing blue jeans for gardening work instead of the good suits will save you the money and time spent on its laundry and repair.




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