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11 Tips for Looking After Your Baby

342042C.TIFLooking after baby becomes the most important thing the day you gave birth to him/her. It is also a very difficult thing because you need to take a lot of things into consideration. Here, 11 kind tips are listed and hopefully it can make looking after your baby a little bit easier. However, some of the information contained in this post is just for a general guide purpose and it is not meant to replace any of the advice given by your healthcare professionals, physicians and pediatricians.


1. Feed your baby in a right way.

Probably the most important task for a mother is to feed the baby. There have been a lot of debates and discussions about breast-feeding and bottle-feeding. A common sense is that breast-feeding is still superior to bottle-feeding. It is proved that when the baby off breast-feeding grow up, there will be less opportunity it will has the hypersensitivity problem because breast-feeding can provide some natural enzymes and antibodies, which are very helpful for building babies immune system. Other proofs also show that the baby with breast-feeding have superior intellect when they grow up. So basically, people recommend breast-feeding. However, if your body condition is not suitable for that, bottle-feeding is also good when you choose the proper baby formula.


2. Use a pillow or cushion to help feeding.

When you feeding the baby, both you and the baby may feel uncomfortable and a pillow or cushion can solve this problem. It doesn’t need to be nursery pillow, just pick up a comfortable one that is deep enough to bring the baby level with your breasts. It’s better the below has a washable cover for easy cleaning.


3. Prepare more than one sets of changing equipments.

This is important if you live in a house with more than two stories. With the two changing stations, you don’t need to journey so far to get the equipment in a hurry.


4. Learn baby’s sleeping patterns.

If you learn baby’s sleeping patterns, your efficiency of taking care of the baby will improve and you could also get good rest. For the first six months, it is recommended to sleep with the baby. You should know that the newborn babies have erratic way of sleeping. Babies will need 17 to 18 hours a day in total and the sleep is separated into several half –to-three-hour increments. From the six week, some baby starts to have more structured sleeping patterns. For the daytime naps, a self vibrating bouncy seat will be helpful for babies sleeping and producing a burden. You have extra budget, you can consider mechanical swings which is more expensive.


5. Bathe the baby in a proper way.

Baby bathing is not your daily task and it’s better to bathe the baby two or three times per week. Don’t forget to use a sponge during the early days of the baby. After umbilical cord falls off, you can start to bathe baby in tub.


6. Keep good care of baby skin.

The skins of baby are smooth and dedicate and you should consult the pediatrician how to take care of that. Normally, the baby would have some rashes and don’t worry about them. However, go to see pediatricians immediately when the rashes cause irritation and/or fever.


7. Give baby medicine accordingly.

You should always take physicians’ advice and follow the prescriptions and instructions carefully. When you start to give baby medicine, you can try small dose first to see if there are any adverse reactions.


8. Consider a pushchair rather than a pram in some cases.

If you are unlikely to go out often and travel long distance, you don’t need a pram. Instead, you can choose a small and lightweight pushchair. Most pushchairs are adjustable today and they can recline to your desired angle.


9. Baby carrier or fling is a good choice around your house.

If you really need to do some work in your garden and your hands are both occupied with tools, the baby carrier or sling can help you distribute the weight of baby and carry it easily.


10. Find an appropriate car seat when travel with baby.

If you need to take a ride with the baby, you do need to car seat. Different car seats are designed for babies at different ages, so you should choose the right size for your baby. Also, the car seat can make a perfect combination with the push chair to be a pram.


11. Take good care of yourself.

The last tip is just for you. If you don’t get good rest, you will be upset and that’s not good for baby. So when baby is sleeping, you should also sleep. Forget about the housework and just do the essential ones. If you can’t do all the housework, please ask other house members or friends to do some for you. Another kind tips is when you are feeding the baby, you could always lay down to relax and make it easier.


That’s all for the tips on how to look after babies. Again, these tips are just general information. If you have specific questions and problems, then ask and seek help from professionals or the experience people. Thank you so much and enjoy your time with the baby!