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11 Tips for Buying the Best Bluetooth Headset

For a business person or one that drives much every day, a Bluetooth headset is of great help because it allows you to handle phone calls easily when your hands are occupied. With the fast development of technology, Bluetooth headset of various shapes and functions appear. However, you don’t need to worry that you have no idea how to choose the best Bluetooth headset. No matter how different the Bluetooth headset is, there are some major criteria that never change. We’ve come up several handful tips that should help you choose a perfect Bluetooth headset.


1.Clear and strong sound quality is a must-have feature.

The Bluetooth headset also needs to have volume control to deal with weak connections. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology is one of the key features you should consider, which allows the headset speaker to increase volume level in an automatic fashion and compensate for the background noise.


2.Noise cancellation is important in noisy environment.

If you talk a lot in very noisy environment such as in your car or on public transportation, you should look for one with good reputation for noise cancellation.


3.Battery life should be as long as possible so you don’t need to charge a lot.

If you don’t want to charge it again after two hours talking, select headsets with larger battery.


 4.Look at the style and ask others for advice.

You should know just like an eyeglass, your headset is going to be one part of your face, so when you’re choosing styles and shapes don’t only look at it before you buy. Wear it on yourself and ask other for their advice.

Bose Bluetooth headset has a ear curved design with a built-in lithium-ion battery.

Bose Bluetooth headset has a ear curved design with a built-in lithium-ion battery.


5.Determine your using habits and design.

Should I choose earhook or earbud headset? It’s really a personal habit and preference related question. You should determine your using habits and make you choice based on comfort. For example, if you are the guy talking with your Bluetooth headset for unlimited time a day, then you should choose hookless ones so you won’t have too much burden on your ear.


6.Test the range of usage yourself.

You’re buying a Bluetooth headset, so you are not going to separate your headset 50 meters from the phone. However, the range is still important. A class two Bluetooth device should function well in a 10-meter range without obstruction. You should test it yourself with or without an obstruction and know its ability.

7.Confirm device pairing functions.

Device paring is the capability of the Bluetooth headset to search and recognize other devices including phones, printers and music devices. A Bluetooth headset should be able to identify and function with several devices.

8.Check the compatibility of the headset and your phone.

Before you buy it, you should make sure the headset can match and work fine with you phone. Some of the headsets are not compatible with all phones and you should search on the official website of the product for more information.



A driving man is wearing Bose Bluetooth headset.

A driving man is wearing Bose Bluetooth headset.


9.Features and functions?

The headset should have a hands-free using feature for voice activation and other functions so that you won’t violate no-cellphone laws in many states while you are driving. Some other features and functions to look at including but not limited to last number redial, voice dialing, 3-way calling, mute, volume control, transfer call, etc.

10.Choose the right, not the best.

Price is another important factor to consider. A typical Bluetooth headset can range from $20 to $200 or even higher. You don’t need to go straight to the most expensive one, though higher price does mean better quality and functionality. For normal use, below or around $100 should have solid and reliable quality.

11.Be prepared for a no-return policy before you commit.

Depends on where you buy, sometimes you may not get a refund service for something you don’t want. Before you pay, check the returning policy and restriction.

 Enjoy your next Bluetooth headset!