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10 Tips to Improve Your Productivity at Work

Everyone at work has to deal with unlimited emails, reports, phone calls, and meetings. Can you maintain focus and efficiency during 8 hours at work? Well, most people can’t and don’t consider this as your own issue. However, your productivity at work can be improved if you try to train and control yourself. Here we prepare some tips for you to help improve your productivity at work.

10 Tips to improve productivity at work

1.Move immediately when you have instant tasks and finish them one by one.

It’s a good idea to accomplish an easy target at a time and start to do it once you receive the task. If you need to make a phone call or send an email, you only need less than 5 minutes to finish. Divide your daily work into small easy-to-accomplish ones will help you build confidence and efficiency.


2.Write a to-do list for tomorrow before you leave office at the end of the day.

This method is simple, but efficient. By doing this, you’ll have a fresh start the next day with the well-thought-out plan.


3.Don’t sit down too long for work, stand up and walk around.

If you just keep sitting down and never stand up, you’ll trap yourself in a bad mental strain condition. Instead, you should walk around and have a small talk with your colleagues and this will help you keep your productivity. Plus, sitting for too long will cause health problem.


4.Rough out a specific working plan and priority list and balance your tasks.

In addition to have a to-do list, you should also weigh each of your tasks in a day and rough out a plan based on the priorities of the tasks. Start your day from doing the most important and urgent ones, and then schedule the rest ones. In this way, you’ll increase your productivity and start the day with a good beginning.


5.Stand when you are making phone calls.

This is another simple but magic way. When you are standing to make phone calls, you’ll save the idle chat and go straight to the point, thus you will save a lot of time.


6.Stick with the schedule and try to control time on each task.

If you scheduled an hour for meeting, or compiling a report, stick to it once you scheduled it. Don’t go overtime on each task because every timeslot is filled up and if you can’t finish this in time, next one will be delayed. In addition, you may also impact other team members’ schedule.


7.The art of saying NO!

Sometimes you think you are not competent to do a job, or you have other project deadlines soon, you should learn to say no to your colleagues. Don’t consider this as an impolite or unconfident reaction, because it is not your fault to balance your ability and work before turning others down. However, you could always recommend another suitable person or give out your kind advice or suggestion.


8.Get rid of emails and focus on your job.

There are some distractions in office, for example, emails. Most people will click to see the content of the email when they receive one, however, this tiny action will add up to a large amount of wasted time in total. Try to focus on the work and tell yourself not to look at your mailbox for a certain period time.


9.Absolutely no social in office.

Actually this action is prohibited in most offices. Don’t use any social media when you are in office. Leave these entertainment activities to do when you are in lunch break or at the end of the day.


10.Take full advantage of tools will save your time and improve productivity.

You can use GoogleDocs to compile report with your colleagues; use Google calendar to schedule meetings; use Skype for video conferences. You may consult the IT team for more advice.

Please take time to practice with some of the tips provided and hope you could improve your productivity at work day after day!