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10 Tips to Get the Best Results for Flat Iron

10 Tips to Get the Best Results for Flat Iron



Flat hair iron is a great tool to make stylish hair for women. However, sometimes great tool doesn’t guarantee best performance. So when you are not getting the results you’d like to see when you flat iron your hair, it may not be the iron itself—it could be the skill and technique. Here are 10 most useful tips for you to get the best results with the flat hair iron.


1.      You should get your hair well-conditioned before turning on the flat iron.

This is the first rule of successful flat ironing that each time when you are going to flat iron, always ask yourself this question: is my hair well conditioned and moisturized? If the answer is a NO, then you should do the work first. Do not over trust the heat protectant because even the best heat protectant can’t do all the work. You should do your part to ensure you are only heat styling hair in condition and don’t allow all of the heat damaging your hair. So first thing goes first, only flat iron hair that has been regularly taken care of.


2.      The best timing to flat iron is right after shampoo and condition.

You should learn the best time to flat iron your hair, which is immediately following a fresh shampoo and condition. When you are flat ironing, you have to press clean hair and apply heat to the hair. Please keep in mind that flat iron is not an everyday work, once for a week should be enough to keep stylish while apply minimal damage on your hair.


3.      Apply smoothing balm and serum is beneficial.

Before you start flat iron, it’s better to apply a smoothing balm or serum to the hair because this can effectively help if the hair is chemical-free. A good thing is, if you are living in a climate where humidity can make a frizzy mess of your as-flat ironed hair when you go outside, you should look for humidity-resistant formulas to assist your flat iron work.


4.      Heat protectant is highly recommended for dry hair.

If you hair is dry, you should use a heat protectant to every section of your hair prior to the flat iron work. But you should always keep in mind that although a good heat protectant helps, it can’t completely hold up to heat when it is too hot.


5.      Don’t apply natural oil before the ironing is done.

It is good if you want to add some natural oil when the ironing is done. However, if you put oil on the hair before you press it, it will cause some trouble and you will not get the lightweight and bouncy hairstyle when you finish.


6.      Completely dry your hair before flat ironing.

Another rule is you should get your hair completely dry before flat iron to get the longest-lasting results. There are different ways to get this work done. For example, you can wet wrap your hair and sit down in a hood until it is dry, or you can let your hair get air dried. The reason of doing this is, flat ironing hair that is not dry enough will make your hair frizzy.


7.      When you are flat ironing, take your time and don’t hurry.

If you are in a hurry, don’t do the flat iron job. This work requires slow, controlled and delicate movement that the iron should stay at a place for short amount of time. You should move the iron and avoid rush it. Starting from the roots is a good idea, and slowing move down the iron. Try to avoid much heat and finish the work in one try.


8.      Try to adjust the heating temperature when it is needed.

You flat iron can go up to high temperature but that doesn’t mean you are necessarily going to operate at that high temperature. For women’s hair, they might be several sections with different textures. The crown area should be the curliest section, which requires the high heat. And the part in the sided are straighter and you should control the iron at low heat when you are pressing those areas.


9.      Pay attention when dealing with small areas.

When you are tackling small areas on your hair, some irons with smaller plates are better. It is suggested that you don’t press wider or thicker area than 1 inch each time. If you can deal with a small area at a time, it becomes much easier to straighten the entire section.


10.  Wrapping hair at night is a good habit.

Once the flat ironing work is done, you will not want to ruin your effort. So the night care is highly important so keep your stylish hair. You can wrap up your hair at night with silk or satin fabrics before sleep. By doing this, your morning work will significantly decreased since you already have the slight curve and volume hair and no more heat is needed.






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