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10 Tips for Students Taking Exams

Since the day when you start your schooling, you must have lots of examinations of different kinds and different levels, although some are little ones, others would be important, which may turn a new page in your life. So read the following tips carefully and we hope you could learn something from them.

1. Take a right attitude towards exams.

Take exams just as some other ordinary things you do every day. On one hand, put some efforts in preparing them, on the other; relax and take it easy.

2. Work out a plan for preparation.

Before exams, you should work out a week-long plan for preparing them. During this week, you can have talks with your tutors for helps in regard to what you are not clear. You may go over what you have learnt and make notes of the main and important points for review.  

3. Have a sound sleep at night before exams.

At the nights just before exams, do not stay up late for more preparing. That will do nothing with the good result of exams. If you want to have higher scores in exams, just go to bed early, for you need to be strong physically and mentally for exams.

4. Take a good breakfast.

On mornings you are going to exams, you must take a good breakfast, not too big, but a proper one. You know from your previous experiences what it feels with empty stomach when having exams.

5. Get ready for exams.

Before entering into classroom for exams, you should get what you need in exams with you, for example, paper, rubber and pencils. And also think clearly about your approach to the exams you are going to take: you want to have the guess or just leave them when you have difficulty in answering some questions.

10 Tips for Students Taking Exams

6. Allot your exam time well.

Before writing something, you should go over the exam paper quickly and have a general idea of score rating. Remember, do the easier first. It would not only save your exam time, but also help you feel easy with exams. And leave some time for the final check for the last straw of getting higher scores.

7. Deal with difficult questions.

In exams, sometimes you would have some difficult questions to which you cannot have right answers at once. You can deal with them in two ways: the first you leave them just now, and then come back again for the second try, the other is to give them a guess even if you are not sure. Do something is better than nothing.

8. Be careful of multiple-choice questions

In exams paper, multiple-choice question is always a tough one. When you have it, you should first eliminate the answers you think are not right and then concentrate on the possible correct choices before you are sure that is the best answers you could make to your own ability.

9. Make your paper as neat as possible.

If you write some word unclearly, it would cause mistake or misunderstanding. So make sure that your writing is clear and your word is correct. As for machine-scored exams, fill in the blanks carefully as requested.

10. Have a final check-up.

When you think you have finished exam paper, it should be sometime before the end of exams. Remember you have not done with it, but still have something to do – final check to see whether the answers are correctly made and there is nothing missing in the paper. Or you may have a few minutes on the toughest questions you did not work out and give the last try for higher scores.