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10 Tips for Saving Money on Airline Tickets

American Airlines AirplaneMost people want to get airline tickets at lowest price as possible and today we offer you 10 tips for saving money on your airline tickets. Hope they are helpful!

1.Know when to start tracking and booking ticket.

If you want to buy airline tickets at cheapest price, you should set up alerts to track ticket fares in advance. Generally, you should track domestic airlines 3.5 months earlier and international airlines 5.5 months earlier. For specific and historic information about a particular airline, you can refer to Airlines Reporting Corporation for more details.

2.Compare price at both price comparing websites and the official website of an airline.

When you are looking at airline ticket price, websites like Expedia, Kayak, Priceline and Travelocity are the most popular and helpful ones. However, sometimes their price are not the lowest and please be sure to check the airline’s official website, which can be cheaper because there is no commission included.

3.Select the best departure time.

You should know business travelers and vacationers usually fly on weekends, so to get the best price you should avoid flights from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.  In addition, the cheapest seats usually take off at dawn or after 6 pm.

4.Find the right time to book.

Typically, you’ll find the discounted price between Monday 8 pm to Thursday 8pm in each week. Most airline companies start their price drop from Tuesday morning, for example, Southwest, Air Tran and Jet Blue. Others like American, Delta, United and US Airways will start several hours later. And the lowest price you’ll get is at 3 PM ET on Tuesday, so pay attention to that time.

5.Think about connecting flight rather than non-stop ones.

If you are ok with several stops and want the discount price, you can consider more on connecting flights instead of non-stops ones.

6.Compare the price for one passenger and for all if you are in a group.

If you are in a group, first look at the price for one passenger and then compare it with the price for all passengers. Sometimes you’ll see different prices.

 7.Use flex-search feature on price comparing websites.

If you are not certain with a specific flying date, you can search on flexible dates on price comparing websites. Orbits, Travelocity, Hotwire and CheapAir offer you the feature to flex-search from 3 days to 330 days before or after a date. For international airlines, try Iceland Air to find useful information.

 8.Buy tickets early!

After you decide the tickets, try to buy it earlier to avoid the premium if you pay in 14 days before the flight date.

 9.Don’t check bags if you can.

As you may have heard, some airlines are charging for checking luggage. For an instance, Spirit Airlines is now charging $100 for checked luggage. If you don’t have heavy and large luggage, you’re highly suggested to carry it on. Or you can even mail your luggage to the dentations if it is not of great value and you’ll not worry too much if lose it.

10.Use a little social media.

Last tip, you should follow some airlines on their official social media like facebook and twitter. Not only discount information of airline tickets will be found, but also other news including free vouchers, meal credits, and other compensation.

Enjoy your discounted airline tickets and happy traveling!