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10 Tips for Qualified Parents

Tips for Qualified Parents

As parents, you are always considering how to raise and educate your kids in a healthy and decent way, which is a life-long task you have to face everyday. Here are some tips for you in such regard, we think maybe helpful as you invest your day in raising your kids.


1. Know the difference between big things and little things.

You must have a clear mind about which are big issues you should care more and which are little things you should leave out when you have to deal with your kid in everyday life.


2.Tell the difference between incompetence and rebelliousness

. If you kid does something out of incompetence, then take the time to teach him or her how to do it right. If your kid acts out of rebellion toward your authority as a parent, then this behavior needs to be disciplined or punished, but cannot be tolerated or accepted.


3.Have a better understanding of the word “discipline”.

This word does not mean only “punishment” and “behavior”, but also “to teach, to shape, to mold, or to perfect.”


4. Be firm and consistent.

At home, if you set out certain rules for you and your kid to observe, both of you should follow and not break them. There is no different between parent and kid in doing so.


5. Be careful not to become overly performance oriented with your kids

. They are more than just homework, reports, and chores. There is a real person there who has hopes, dreams, fears, likes and dislikes. Get to personally know your kid.


6. Quality time is no substitute for quantity time

. Spend some time in chatting and playing with your kid everyday, the thing really matters is not how long you do it, but how efficient and clever you do it.


7.Be a positive person, and a positive role model for your kid

. The best predictor of how your kid will be when he is 30-40 years old is how YOU are as a person today. Be a positive influence on your kid socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


8.Make the effort to catch your kid doing something right every day

. Whenever possible, you should find time to observe what your kid is doing. If your kid does something right beyond his or her age and your expectation, you should encourage them to do more.


9. Teach your kid how to be successful

. First, take the time to figure out in your own life what it means to be “successful.” Is it just having more money or stuff? Or is there more to your life than that?


10.Teach your kid self-control and respect for others

. When you kid is growing, to learn how to control him and respect others are the two basic virtues he must have if he wants to be integrated well with the society.