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10 Tips for Mom to Fly with a Baby

It is difficult for moms to look after a baby, and we all know that. But the more difficult thing is, to travel with a baby. Sometimes, especially in weekends through Monday, the transportation is so heavy that even an adult suffers from it. Now think about a mom struggling to get aboard a crowded aircraft. Oh god, I can’t imagine. To help moms that have to fly with a baby well planned and prepared, we listed 9 handful tips. I hope these small tips could be helpful for moms.

A Mom And Baby At Airport

1.Choose the overnight flight and non-stop flight as possible.

This is about getting the right time to fly and the right airlines to travel. It will be easier if you can fly overnight, so your baby will spend most of the flying time sleeping. Also, please avoid the layovers because it’s too difficult for a single mom to move, unpack, unhook, etc.


2.Usually it’s better to get your baby an extra seat.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) suggests that babies under 40 pounds be secured in car seats on airplanes. However, this is not mandatory. But getting your baby an extra seat allows you to carry the car seat and place the baby. If you want to book a seat for baby, check the ticket rate and often there are discount rates for infants。


3.If you fly with a baby in arms, use a baby sling or soft carrier and try to request the seat on the aisle.

This would allow you to do the changing work much easier.


4.Let the booking agent know that you will fly with a baby and request the bulkhead seats.

Let them know in advance and you can avoid sit around the emergency exits.


5.Leave some time for unexpected situations.

Please arrive at the airport earlier than those times you travel without your baby. There are always inevitable things occurring such as missing pacifier or diaper blowout. So leave some room for the surprises.


6.When you are packing the necessary stuffs, remember take more than just enough.

The necessities include diapers, clothes, snacks, wipes and formula. The airplane may be delayed, so you’ll need to prepare extra stuffs. Also, don’t forget to bring your baby and yourself a small blanket, because it’ll get chillier when in air.

A Mom and Her Baby on Airplane



7.Bring the sturdiest but most compact stroller and know how to transport the car seat.

The stroller should be sturdy so it can hold and carry everything on it, while it needs to be compact so it’ll be easier to move. Sometimes you can try pushchair instead of stroller, due to its ability to act as both a light stroller and a platform to put car seats.


8.Don’t be shy to ask for other’s help.

Other dads and moms know what’s going on of you, so if they’d like to offer their kind help, accept it! The flight attendants can make you more comfortable; help you bring water to mix a bottle, dispose stinky diapers, etc. Remember to say thank you to those who helped you out.


9.You should learn what to do when your baby is crying.

Travelling is hard and some babies can’t control the pressure in their eyes. Try to nurse or give it something to suck and help the baby relieve the pressure. If you sit in the aisle, you can pacify the baby by walking around the aisle.


10.If you need to breast feed the baby, send an email asking the airlines whether it is allowed on their airplanes.

It is really a controversy that if it is illegal to breast feed on an airplane. However, you could always ask the airline through email before the flight and print out their email response as a proof. When you are challenged with this issue, show them the proof!