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10 Tips for Cramming before Exams

10 Tips for Cramming before Exams

As student, you would have a lot of different examinations to be taken. Sometimes, you are well-prepared and ready for them. However, due to lack of preparation time, you may be worried a lot. You need to cram for the coming exams, maybe held for the next morning. Here are some tips for your reference, which are not meant to exclude the reason that you should study hard with your schedule.

1.Go to some places for concentration.

If you think that preparing your lessons in your dorm, apartment, or anywhere would distract your concentration. Then you should find some places, such as coffee shops and bookstores, to do the preparation. It is suggested that you should stay in such places for a long time, not just a while.

2. Have some caffeine if necessary.

It is well-known that caffeine and sugar are not good for your health in some sense. But if you need something like this to keep your mind fresh, why not give it a try, for they could help you stay alert and awake during the period of cramming for your exams.

3. Train yourself with the 60/10 rule.

During your cram time, you are strongly recommended that you need to concentrate on studying for one hour before taking a ten-minute break, for you study for over one hour, your concentration would be much affected. So taking some activity, like walking or checking e-mails instead of studying too long would be much effective for your exam preparation.

4. Rewrite down your notes.

For each lesson, you must write down loads of notes for further review or study. However, when you cram for the exams, these notes may be too much to remember. So rewrite them on the smaller pieces in summarizing the main and more important points, which would make your preparation much easier and effective.

5. Work in a pair for cooperation.

When you cram for the last minute before exams, it is better to do it with a friend by asking and answering questions by turns. Through this way, you could understand what you have a good command and what you need to learn more or deeper. Cooperation with someone else is always better than do it yourself.

6. Focus on the more important points.

If you are preparing for the exams next morning, you have not got enough time to go through the whole textbook. In this case, you should spend more time on focusing major concept instead of the details concerning the subject. For the better score, the concept is more important than the tiny details.

7. Use chunking as a helpful tool.

Maybe you know the word” chunk”. It is a kind of process helping you retain information at a much higher rate. When you follow such method, what you should do is to grasp the main terms or concepts at first, then write them down with related issues in an organized way for the better memory.

8. Look at your notes randomly.

When you prepare for your exams, do not look at your notes over and over again in a consecutive way. Instead, you should go over them randomly, which would be much helpful for remembering the information on its own, not just as one thing in a full context.

9. Read your notes loudly.

It is kindly suggested that you had better read your notes loudly instead of doing it silently. Reading your notes loudly could stimulate your brain to remember things better by three ways: saying, hearing and reading, for you would be more concentrated in such occasion.

10. Have a good sleep!

Although we suggest that you should use caffeine to keep you fresh and awake in some circumstances, it is not suitable for you to stay the whole night without any sleep. It does you no good. If possible, going to sleep for some time would assist you for a desirable score in the examinations.




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