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10 Tips for Buying and Taking Organic Food

10 Tips for Buying and Taking Organic Food


Nowadays there is a lot of organic food sold in shops and supermarkets. And how to choose the real and better organic food is the issue you are concerned about everyday. Read the following tips that might help you for a good choice.


1. Purchase fruits and vegetables as fresh as they could be.

When you want to buy your fruits and vegetables, you should find the freshest ones, which would be put on shelf the day of their delivery. This will ensure the quality of food you are having.


2. Look at the labels with care.

Before you buy your food, check the label carefully to know the exact content of it. Some food are claimed the organic one, but it does not really mean healthy, for it may contains excessive ingredients, like sugar, salt, fat or calories, which may harm your health if taken too much.


3. Choose the right one.

You should know the difference between natural food and organic food. The food with label clearly marked “USDA Organic” is organic recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture.


4. Do a complete washing.

In order to decrease the content of dirt and bacteria, you should wash all fresh fruits and vegetables completely under tap water; if necessary you could use a brush for additional effect.


5. Peel your fruits and vegetables if necessary.

If you worry about pesticide residue on your fruits and vegetables, just peel them, though peeling may cut down some nutrient and fiber. As for meat, you had better throw away the fat, which does no good to your health.


6. Try to get organic food directly from farms.

If possible, you could buy your organic food in different season at the farms, where the farmers grow their fruits and vegetables in the environment-friendly land. It may be a very good option to have organic food.


7. Buying more means save money.

No matter where you buy your organic food, especially beans and nuts, buying a certain amount at one time could help you save some money. However, before your purchase, you must be clear whether you have a cool and dry to store. And not all food purchased in bulk is necessarily worthy your payment.


8. Be aware of what you are going to buy.

To get what you need for organic foods, you must be attentive and clear-minded, and then you could get the good price for them. Buy what you need, not what you want, in that case a shopping list in advance would be a help.


9. Do shopping from the Internet.

When you think it is difficult to buy organic food locally, why not try on line. There is some companies’ website where you can buy and order them. You could do online shopping with help of the useful directory to make a wise decision.


10. Grow your own organic fruits and vegetables.

If you are keen or mad about eating organic food, the better way to do it is to grow your own in the garden or backyard. You can do it by buying seeds of those easy to handle and grow and planting for your small harvest.





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