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10 Tips for Building a Good Relationship with Your Roommate

Going to a college soon? When in the college, you may share a room with someone else you never know before. You and your roommate may come from different area, with different family background, and certainly different lifestyle. So how to build a good relationship with your roommate is the issue you have to address carefully during your college years. Follow these ten tips to make sure you and your roommate enjoy your individual space while pay attention to each other’s habits.


10 Tips for building a good relationship with your roommate


1. Try to make everything clear at the start.

When you start to share a room with your roommate, you should have a nice chat with her to know each other’s hobby and habit. It’s not fair to expect both of you to follow them at once, but making them clear is to avoid the potential conflict in the days to come.

2. Handle problems when they are not quite noticeable.

If your roommate always use your shampoo instead of hers when having a shower, and borrow your clothes more often than you think, it may worry you a bit, but she does not notice it. Although they are little, it is suggested that you should put them on the table and make your roommate know about your attitudes towards them.

3. Do not touch your roommate’s personal belongings without permission.

In some cases, you may just pick up the personal belongings of your roommate and use them without her approval. And you think it quite natural. However it may cause misunderstanding and disagreement of your roommate. So do not do such things whenever possible.

4. Be concerned about your roommates habit for studying.

You may like to have group discussion in your room and your roommate may prefer to do her homework quietly. Here the conflict arises. The best way to solve such problem is to discuss with your roommate to find out that the use of the room will attend to the best benefit of each other.

5. Mind the safety of your room.

If your roommate’s computer is lost because of your carelessness of not locking the door before you leave. Or maybe some similar thing happens to you as well. You must be distracted and self-condemned. It would affect your relationship with your roommate. So make sure you lock your door and windows every time you go.

6. Treat your roommate friendly but not as best friends.

Roommate is roommate, sometimes it may turn into the best friend; but not definitely. You should not expect too much from your roommate to become it, for each one has her own social network and different outlook about the life. So be friendly to your roommate when you share the room with her.

7. Try to learn new things.

Your roommate may come from the different state with different religion or family background. In some cases her ideas and experiences are totally new to you. So try to learn something new from your roommate will help you enlarge your vision and rich your thinking.

8. Accept change if it happens.

The longer you stay in college, the more changes you will expect, so does your roommate. Both of you must learn to accept these changes and adapt to them. That will help you and your roommate get along with each other well in the changed situation.

9. Tackle problems when they’re big.

After sharing room with your roommate for a longer period, you may find the problem with your roommate you think is too small to be addressed previously has become so serious that you can not stand any longer. So be open to deal with it immediately if you want to keep a good relationship with your roommate as before.

10. Show respect to your roommate.

Respect your roommate whenever you could. In turn you will win his or hers. The good relationship with your roommate will help make your college life pleasant and enjoyable.