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10 Tips about How to Save Money for Wedding Reception

10 Tips about How to Save Money for Wedding Reception

If you are planning to hold your wedding, then I’d say congratulations first. While, have you worked out a detailed plan on each part of your bid day? The wedding reception session is probably the costliest compared to other sections, but you do need some tips on reducing the reception cost. If you are able to cut some costs for the wedding reception, you may have more money to “splurge” on the other parts. Here are top ten tips about how to save money for wedding reception.

1. Set the reception at lunch time or afternoon.

If you plan to hold the wedding reception at dinner time, you will have a heavier burden on foods. Hence, have a reception at lunch time or afternoon. Some finger sandwiches and appetizers are good food choice and you don’t have to spend a lot on alcohol drinks, since few people start to drink before evening.

2. Cater it yourself.

Most wedding reception halls offer you the choice of caterer, but the cost is high. Instead, bring your own carter in to cater it yourself.

3. Ask others about the idea of potluck.

Ask your family members and friends around to see if they’d like to do a potluck. If they all agree and in the case that your reception will not be a huge one, doing potluck can not only get your family members and friends involved and also the guests will have a wider variety of food to enjoy.

4. Do a MP3 reception.

Nowadays, more and more weddings are going to the choice called “MP3 reception”. So, forget about DJ or band and have your own music instead. Make a list of desired songs and program them into your MP3 player. Get one of your responsible buddies to control the play. Also, have another CD player ready if guests have music requests.

5. Order sheet cakes.

When you are planning on the cakes, you can opt in for sheet cakes, which are normally much cheaper and can feed more guests. You should also provide other dessert choice available because some guest would not eat cakes but rather enjoy either cookies or pies.

6. Decorate by yourself.

By decorating the reception hall by yourself, you can save even more. Firstly, you should think about what theme you’d like to have and look for suitable centerpieces and other decorations from discount retail or craft stores. Do some research and be a comparative shopper. For example, you can purchase small aluminum pails and color them by spraying paints, and then fill them with flowers or favors. You can also put glass bowls and floating candles inside.

7. Forget about photographers.

Instead of paying for the photographers, you can have a disposable camera ready at the table and allow your guests to take photos themselves. The wedding reception is supposed to be full of fun and you will not like the pose photos.

8. Seek advice from your family and friends.

Ask around and seek advice from your family and friends about where they can cut out the costs on the wedding reception. The experience from others is valuable to your own reception.

9. Get the designated driver ready.

It is not necessary to hire a limo, but you do need a designated driver to take you from home to the reception. It’s not a good idea to start your wedding day from getting a ticket.

10. Have a plan.

Again, before you hold the wedding reception, work out a plan—a detailed one. If you are planning to do every activity all by yourself, it becomes so overwhelming. Thus, please delegate some jobs to your family and friends. Enjoy your big day!

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